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Usermind Introduces First Technology Solution for Customer Journey Automation

Usermind Introduces First Technology Solution for Customer Journey Automation


There Are Thousands of SaaS Applications to Support Digital Operations, But Only One BizOps Platform That Unifies and Automates End-to-End Processes to Achieve Key Business Objectives

SEATTLE, Wash. – March 21, 2016 – Usermind, builder of an orchestration platform for business operations (BizOps) teams, today introduced the first customer journey automation solution that helps companies define and automate all phases of their customer lifecycles to improve revenue, retention and profitability. Built for the nontechnical user, Usermind makes it simple to integrate marketing, sales, operations, customer success, and finance applications, map data between them, automate end-to-end processes, measure the impact of processes on business outcomes, and take instant action to improve them.

“Our security product is all about providing end-to-end visibility and control for our customers’ networks,” said Jennifer Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer at Tanium. “Usermind brings the same kind of end-to-end power to our marketing technology stack, helping us automate and optimize our customer journeys.”

Customer Journey Automation, Designed by Input from MarTech Innovators

As companies adopt SaaS platforms and digitize their operations for greater speed and agility, customer journey mapping has become a standard practice. But the real challenge lies in converting a customer journey map into repeatable end-to-end processes. With Usermind, companies can:

  • Integrate enterprise applications and data stores that support the customer lifecycle, including marketing automation, sales force automation, CRM, usage analytics, collaboration tools, and more
  • Define key business entities like customers, products, and partners, and map all related data to them, across all systems
  • Automate end-to-end processes using triggers and actions in any connected service to deliver a real-time, personalized customer experience
  • Get impact analytics and insight on how each process drives desired business outcomes, and rapidly experiment on processes

Driven by interviews with over 200 marketing, sales, and operations leaders, Usermind was purpose-built to solve the challenges of customer lifecycle management and cross-functional team alignment. Digital innovators such as Tanium, Tallie, CloudFlare, TUNE, and Xamarin rely on Usermind to automate and optimize key phases of the customer journey, including SaaS trial optimization, sales funnel governance, customer onboarding/upsell/renewal, and order-to-cash automation.

“Standalone SaaS applications don’t provide a complete customer journey. Without mapped and connected data across all our enterprise apps, we wouldn’t have a connected view of our customer,” said Chris Farrell, CEO of expense reporting application provider Tallie. “Usermind connects our systems and business logic so we can identify the patterns that help us treat every customer how they want to be treated. Now we can tell who will benefit from a more self-service experience, and who needs a high-touch process with a sales rep. With Usermind, we can experiment on when and how to reach out to our customers, get analytics on these interactions, and take immediate actions that improve conversion and retention.”


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