Reimagine how you engage with customers

Transform your customer engagement from end to end. Usermind powers the shift from transactions and touchpoints to meaningful customer relationships and full-lifecycle customer journeys.

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Built for the business user — developer power, with zero coding required

What are leading brands doing with Usermind?

Improving conversion and revenue with hyper-personalization based on customer intent
Driving personalized nurture, cross-sell, and upsell to improve customer retention
Mapping and automating end-to-end buyer's journeys to increase average order value and pipeline velocity
Decreasing customer time-to-value with omnichannel onboarding
Increasing loyalty engagement for higher customer lifetime value
Identifying and immediately improving gaps or blockers in the customer journey that prevent desired business outcomes

Why Usermind?

Full Customer Lifecycle
Full Customer Lifecycle

Supercharge customer engagement across your customers’ full lifecycle and all systems that impact CX — not just marketing and sales.

Business Agility and Velocity
Business Agility and Velocity

Test, iterate, and optimize cross-system customer experience — experimentation and innovation are no longer gated by system owners.

Enterprise-Grade Features
Built for the Enterprise

Usermind is a SaaS platform built for enterprise scale, user management, data governance, and security compliance.

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Why Customer Journeys?

A customer journey is all of the interactions a customer has with your company’s products and services, across all touchpoints and channels. To build and manage meaningful, ongoing relationships with your customers, connecting those customer journeys across the full lifecycle is key.

To survive and thrive in a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape, only the companies that master customer relationships will win.


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