Usermind Adds Partner Journey Orchestration Capabilities to Improve Enterprise Partner Retention and Engagement

Usermind Adds Partner Journey Orchestration Capabilities to Improve Enterprise Partner Retention and Engagement


Company Opens Its Customer Data Platform to Third-Party Analytics and Visualization Services

SEATTLE and LAS VEGAS -- December 6, 2016 -- Today from the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit, Usermind announced the expansion of its flagship customer journey orchestration product, adding partner journey orchestration to its platform to help companies improve partner retention and engagement. The company also announced the opening of its customer data platform to deliver both raw system data and unified customer journey data to third-party analytics and visualization services.

In March 2016, Usermind debuted its customer journey orchestration product powered by automatic integration and data store capabilities. Today’s customer journeys continue to touch more SaaS applications inside and outside the enterprise. Companies going to market through partner channels are further removed from direct interaction with their end customers. Driven by market demand, Usermind is now adding partner journey orchestration into its customer journey platform, allowing enterprises to manage and automate the myriad interactions that both partners and customers have with companies and their products and services.

Today 86 percent of business owners deploy more than five applications or systems that impact customer experience, and more than a third of companies enlist more than 20 applications, according to Usermind’s new survey, “The Impact of CRM on Customer Experience.” Enterprises face the difficult task of managing customer experience across legacy databases, critical on-premises systems, and a growing number of SaaS applications. Challenges with integrating data and orchestrating actions across these systems can ultimately impact customer satisfaction. In fact, 74 percent of survey respondents said a lack of integration between customer-impacting systems results in customer issues or complaints. Usermind provides the first unified platform that enables enterprises to surface insights about customer-facing and internal processes, and instantly take action across systems to drive adoption, upsell, and renewal.

Partner Journey Orchestration

The Usermind customer journey orchestration platform already integrates with Marketo, Salesforce, Zuora and many other sales and customer service platforms.

Now Usermind is expanding its platform to orchestrate partner journeys, bringing enterprise integration with internal and external applications critical to the partner experience such as partner portals, training software and ERPs. Companies can now manage the full partner lifecycle, including automating partner onboarding, expanding existing partners to new product lines, and ensuring customers working through partners have a personalized and seamless experience.

As part of the platform update, Usermind is also integrating data into its platform from a broader set of products and services which impact modern customer and partner journeys. The platform includes data from product development lifecycles so companies can better understand product usage, uncover upsell opportunities and create new revenue streams. Services data, such as quote-to-cash, partner commissions and inventory management, is now accessible in the platform to streamline workflows and improve internal processes that ultimately impact customer experience.

Open Customer Data Platform

Usermind today also announced it is opening its data to customers and third parties, using Amazon Web Services’ Redshift data warehouse to automatically create a customer data platform. With Usermind, enterprises can quickly connect systems, and visually map the data to create a unified view of their customers, partners and products. With this data stored in Redshift, enterprises can now visualize and analyze the entire customer and partner dataset using tools like Tableau, Domo, Looker, Qlik, and many others. Usermind’s open data capability grants businesses the flexibility to continuously improve customer experience based on a holistic snapshot of the customer and partner journey.

“Unified customer data is the new oil,” said Michel Feaster, co-founder and CEO of Usermind. “To innovate, enterprises need to be able to rapidly experiment and iterate on customer experience. Integrating our customer data platform with third party visualization providers enables our customers to not only mine their customer journeys for relevant segments and insights, but to iterate and test every interaction for continued improvement.”

To learn more about the updated Usermind platform, visit Booth #110 at the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit.

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Usermind provides the first unified platform for orchestrating the customer journey. With Usermind, companies can define and automate customer interactions to improve revenue, retention, and profitability. Built for non-developers, Usermind makes it simple to integrate enterprise applications, map data between them, automate end-to-end processes, measure their impact, and take instant action to improve business outcomes. With this infrastructure in place, enterprises can experiment and execute on customer experience with the agility of a startup. Founded in 2013 by technology veterans Michel Feaster and Przemek Pardyak, Usermind is headquartered in Seattle, WA, Usermind is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, and CRV. To learn more, visit

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