Accelerating Your Customer Experience Program: 4 Steps to Success

Accelerating Your Customer Experience Program: 4 Steps to Success

David Henry
David Henry

Every organization that we talk to knows they need to do something about customer experience -- and the conversation always boils down to “how do we get started?” For most enterprises, there are as many opinions on how to do so as there are people in the room. And as more and more companies focus on customer centricity, going from strategy to execution has gone from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. 

To solve this problem, Usermind and our partner Elixirr, the challenger consultancy, got our heads together to help provide a path forward for companies who want to radically improve the customer experience. In our co-published whitepaper, “Accelerating Your Customer Experience Program: 4 Steps to Success”, we take a look at the four key steps to go from planning to delivering effective customer experiences.

Step 1: Choosing your first journey 

The obvious first step, “Choosing your first journey” outlines the common pitfalls that Elixirr has seen in the field as well as key principles you can employ to reduce ‘analysis paralysis’ and help drive action. The key takeaways for journey selection follow a simple mantra which is to say CX teams should have a bias for action, agree to prioritize progress over perfection, and align to a decision-making framework. With these principles in place, organizations can avoid getting stuck in the planning phase and ensure that results go beyond fighting ‘business as usual’ fires. 

Step 2: Accelerate time to learning with design thinking & rapid prototyping

Delivering innovative customer experiences requires out of the box thinking, and step 2 provides a framework for CX organizations to accelerate time-to-learning by using strategies like design thinking & rapid prototyping. Elixirr is a strategic driver in this space and has shown time and time again that you can’t apply the same strategies to new business problems, and customer experience transformation is one of them. This means applying design thinking to rapidly create, develop, and test new ideas with small subsets of customers to quickly gain insight through actual customer feedback. 

Step 3: Accelerate time to market with a customer engagement hub

The third step in delivering effective customer experiences is getting winning experiences to market as quickly as possible and at scale.  In the past legacy systems, organizational complexity, and disparate data have been a major blocker to operationalizing customer journeys. Because of this, step 3 applies a technology-driven approach accelerate time-to-market. We define Enterprise Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) as the emerging software category that enables real-time customer journey monitoring and cross-channel cross-departmental orchestration. We;ve identified the three key capabilities to look for as:

  • Listen & Monitor
  • Decide & Act
  • Analyze & Optimize 

Step 4: Measure & continuously improve 

Measurement and optimization is the glue that holds effective customer experience transformation together. Too often organizations focus on soft metrics or aspirations to inform their customer experience strategy. We’ve found that organizations that focus on the following key metric levels have been most effective in driving business value and bringing long-term cultural change:

  • Journey Level
  • Customer Level 
  • Business Level

Regardless of which step you are on, it’s important to remember that journeys aren’t static and the most important thing is to begin the iterative process of delivering and improving effective customer experiences. Check out the whitepaper to learn more about how you can leverage best-in-class methodology and technology to improve experiences for customers today.

Click here to read the whole whitepaper

David Henry
David Henry

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