Generating loyalty in the age of the customer

The race is on.

92% of customers will abandon a brand they love after a few bad experiences, which means that the race is on to capture the market and captivate customers.

Inspiring customer loyalty means more than standing up a rewards program and sending NPS surveys; it requires companies to anticipate customer needs and eliminate friction before it happens. When you do this at scale, you transform your customer experience into a sustainable competitive advantage.

Deliver the experience customers write home about

Know exactly where customers are experiencing friction

Your customers expect you to know when and where things go wrong in their journey. But that can be difficult when a journey spans multiple channels, systems and teams. Usermind provides data-driven insights into customer journeys so you can identify and eliminate friction and drive continual optimization.

Be proactive at scale

Knowing where the problem exists is a start, but 100% of the customer and business value is realized by taking action. Usermind gives enterprises the ability to proactively intervene to keep customers on the happy path, resulting in increased CSAT, improved retention and happier customers.

XO transforms retention for your business

Churn Prevention

Keeping a current customer is always more valuable than acquiring a new one, and being able to predict when a customer is likely to churn and take action is a key part of that. Usermind enables you to identify and mitigate common churn points and operationalize existing churn models in real-time to prevent drop-off throughout the customer journey.

Loyalty Adoption

Loyalty programs aren’t worth anything if customers sign up and never log-in again. Usermind leverages real-time customer activity and historical context to deliver personalized and compelling loyalty journeys, resulting in higher adoption rates and improved customer retention.

Marketing Suppression 

No one wants to be upsold car insurance when their house just burned down, which is why it’s critical for companies to have customer awareness and pause marketing campaigns during certain events. Usermind enables you to prevent negative marketing moments with real-time marketing suppression so you can be sensitive to customers, improve loyalty and increase the likelihood of account growth down the road.

Want to take control of your customer journey?


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