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Usermind for Problem Resolution

Leverage customer context to deliver proactive, white-glove support experiences.

The Problem Resolution Challenge

The Usermind Solution: Customer Context


Proactive alerting on customer issues
Faster time to resolution
Higher customer satisfaction
Reduced inbound complaints
Increased operational efficiency
Increased loyalty and engagement

Example journeys

Complaint Resolution & Escalation

Streamline and digitize customer complaint processes to drive down operational costs and to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.


Customers expect seamless, relevant support experiences — and are more willing than ever to abandon companies for competitors who provide better service

Why It's Difficult Today

With multiple platforms containing customer data — and many ways for customers to report a complaint — it’s difficult to understand issues impacting customers and their full history

Journey Outcomes

Higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and engagement, decreased customer churn

Self-Service Support Automation

Scale white-glove service for all of your customers. With automated, context-driven self-service support, your team can focus time on providing proactive, personalized customer experiences when a human touch is needed.


Customers expect seamless, relevant support experiences

Why It's Difficult Today

Leveraging customer data from across systems to deliver personalized self-service support can be a complicated technology challenge

Journey Outcomes

Higher customer satisfaction, fewer inbound complaints, decreased customer churn

Priority Customer Loyalty Engagement

When your high-priority loyalty customers are impacted by an issue, deliver a proactive, personalized support experience that takes their context and relationship with your company into consideration.


When your highest-value customers encounter a problem, it’s critical to offer them swift, personalized support

Why It's Difficult Today

Disconnected systems make it hard to identify which customers are impacted by issues and to provide relevant outreach and engagement

Journey Outcomes

Higher engagement and satisfaction in loyalty customer segment, higher customer lifetime value

Case Study

Differentiated Treatment for Loyalty Engagement Customers

Usermind worked with a U.S.-based airline with international routes to provide differentiated customer experiences for high-priority loyalty passengers when a disruption event occurs. With proactive, personalized outreach for impacted loyalty customers, they were able to reduce inbound complaints and increase customer satisfaction in their key customer segment.
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