Orchestration for Marketing:

The Personalized and Relevant Brand

Even when brands understand customer intent, they can’t always align with it, let alone quickly across channels. Usermind provides marketing teams with the platform to do both.

By delivering highly personalized campaigns in every channel at market speed, you’ll build a brand that sticks with your customers and customers that stick with you.

The Results

Timely experiences, lasting relationships

By orchestrating customer data along with your technology and channels, your brand can deliver the right message, at the right time—even as your systems and touchpoints grow. With Usermind teams can:

  • Connect hard-to-reach systems and data
  • Orchestrate complex, customer-aware campaigns using existing systems
  • Rapidly test and optimize new ideas across channels


Lifetime Value









Time to Market


Use Cases

Our Marketing Customers Lead with Experience

Brand and marketing leaders transform their customer journeys with Usermind to:

  • Market to key life events for financial institutions
  • Create end-to-end care journeys for healthcare providers
  • Personalize cross-sell and up-sells for insurance carriers
  • Proactively suppress marketing communications for telco providers
  • Increase loyalty and LTV for retail brands

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Put Limitations Behind You with Usermind Orchestration

Run campaigns that truly know your customers

With orchestration, you can create and automate campaigns based on journeys informed by real-time customer intent—rather than inflexible time-based drips and isolated event triggers.

Tap into your data, right now

Give your teams business-friendly tools that infuse current and historical data into the experiences they create, which they can refine further through machine learning and segmentation, all without making requests to IT.

Personalize the journey

Usermind ties together disparate systems and data so your teams can orchestrate personalized customer campaigns that show you know them, backed by detailed customer profiles, real-time monitoring, and context from past interactions.

Why Organizations Turn to Usermind

Aligns Channels and Systems

Usermind works with your channels and systems, whether legacy, SaaS, or home-grown, so you can innovate by capitalizing on the investments you’ve already made.

Personalize Experiences at Scale

Usermind’s closed-loop platform enables marketers to build, test, and optimize multi-channel campaigns that can speak to customers in a 1-to-1 fashion.

Moves at Market Speed

Usermind accelerates time-to-market for new campaign ideas by greatly eliminating technical dependencies and the need to file requests between teams.

Grows with the Business

Usermind is owned and managed by business users yet has technical functionality that can integrate with other complex orchestration scenarios across the organization.

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