Maximizing revenue 
in the age of the customer

Campaigns are dead.

Customers expect you to know their individual experience and treat them holistically. But your organization and technology were designed to promote the brand and automate marketing campaigns.

To drive growth, you need to know your customer and deliver relevant and personalized experiences. When you do this in the context of their journey, you create a happier customer and a bigger top line.

Use what you know about customers to drive top line growth

Identify and react to growth opportunities

Knowing when to interact with customers is often more important than the message itself. Usermind enables you to monitor customers in real-time and deliver the right message in the context of their entire journey, not just what they did last, resulting in happier and more engaged customers.

Personalize interactions in every channel

There are a lot of companies vying for your customers’ attention; whether that’s in their inbox, on their phone, or in-person. Usermind enables you to personalize interactions regardless of channel; so you can always stay top of mind and top of wallet when your customer is ready to make their next buying decision.

XO transforms growth for your business


Onboarding is the beginning of what should be a life-long customer relationship, so it’s critical that businesses get it right. Imagine if every touchpoint in the onboarding journey was relevant to the step the customer was in instead of whichever day of a time-based campaign it landed on. Usermind onboarding is what makes that possible.


Every business wants their customers to buy more, but the timing and personalization of offers is a core part of what keeps customers engaged, or what pushes them away. Usermind transforms generic cross-sell/up-sell campaigns from inside-out to outside-in, so you are leveraging every piece of customer data you have to deliver the most relevant experience possible.

Partner & Channel Acquisition

To help drive revenue across distributed partners and channels, Usermind guides customers through high-converting acquisition journeys that are driven by real-time activity and historical data. Resulting in more engagement, greater conversion and higher average transaction values.

Want to take control of your customer journey?


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