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Usermind for Customer Onboarding

Orchestrate personalized, behavior-driven onboarding. Build better engagement and stronger relationships with new customers.

The Customer Onboarding Challenge

The Usermind Solution: Customer Context


Faster time to value for new customers
Higher revenue per customer
Proactive outreach for at-risk customers
More effective training and enablement
Increased loyalty and engagement
Decreased new customer churn

Example journeys

Customer Monitoring

Understand the flow of customers between onboarding stages, with alerting for customers who abandon or get stuck in the process. With these insights, you can deliver relevant, context-based customer engagement and immediately improve automated processes.


Customer retention starts with onboarding. Understanding where customers encounter issues helps you improve processes and immediately engage to resolve problems

Why It's Difficult Today

With customer signals siloed in multiple systems owned by separate teams, it’s hard to proactively engage at-risk customers in real-time

Journey Outcomes

Better adoption, higher onboarding engagement, and lower churn

Trial Optimization

Decrease abandonment through proactive engagement during the free trial period. Automate differentiated customer treatments based on churn signals, customer segment, journey stage, and other key criteria.


Customers expect a seamless, relevant experience across channels and devices — and are more likely to buy when reached at the right time, with the right message

Why It's Difficult Today

Without a universal ID to connect anonymous and known customer signals, it’s hard to tailor communications and product recommendations, at scale

Journey Outcomes

Higher conversion from anonymous users to known prospects, to paying customers

Personalized Training & Enablement

Help your customers achieve value with your product or service faster. Automate personalized training and enablement programs based on browsing behavior, customer segment, journey stage, and other key criteria.


Delivering a personalized, guided training experience helps your customers achieve value with your products and services as quickly as possible

Why It's Difficult Today

One-size-fits-all onboarding and time-based engagement don’t take customer activity and inactivity into consideration

Journey Outcomes

Faster time to value, better onboarding engagement, and higher retention rates

Case Study

Long-Tail Customer Onboarding Orchestration

A leading provider of engineering software engaged with Usermind to orchestrate their customer onboarding journeys. Because their enterprise customers required manual, high-touch support and sales, it was vital to automate engagement and self-service support for lower-priced subscription tiers, while also monitoring and alerting on churn risk.
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