Orchestration for CX:

Make What’s Possible, Happen

CX teams navigate the challenges of organizational complexity, not to mention the added challenges of disparate data and legacy systems. Usermind provides the platform for bringing them together—and the capabilities for creating contiguous customer journeys as a result.

By accelerating CX initiatives without ripping and replacing systems, your organization can compete with a customer experience that sets itself apart.

The Results

Faster growth, lower cost to serve

Usermind offers the only closed-loop platform for delivering full lifecycle customer journeys, giving CX teams the ability to:

  • Understand and analyze customer journeys
  • Build and automate cross-functional journeys using existing systems
  • Rapidly test and optimize new ideas


Lifetime Value











Use Cases

Our CX Customers Lead with Experience

Leaders in CX transform their customer journeys with Usermind to:

  • Remove bottlenecks in onboarding for financial institutions
  • Create end-to-end care journeys for healthcare providers
  • Improve claims processing for insurance carriers
  • Increase loyalty and LTV for retail brands

Where to start with journey orchestration? Pick a place for improvement.

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Put Limitations Behind You with Usermind Orchestration

Personalize journeys at scale

Tie together disparate technologies and data so your organization can orchestrate personalized journeys that span teams, business functions, and systems—with relevant and contextual customer experiences as a result.

Go from analytics to action

Arm CX teams with the technology to evolve from a source of insights to a driver of action. With the Usermind platform, they can identify friction in customer journeys and build and automate the experiences that customers will love.

Move at market speed

Usermind is the only closed-loop platform that powers agile CX, featuring a suite of capabilities that lets your team build, test, and optimize customer journeys quickly—and then monitor with real-time business impact analytics.

Why Organizations Turn to Usermind

Aligns Channels and Systems

Usermind works with your channels and systems, whether legacy, SaaS, or home-grown, so you can innovate by capitalizing on the investments you’ve already made.

Personalize Experiences at Scale

Usermind’s closed-loop platform enables CX teams to build, test, and optimize customer journeys on a single platform, so the organization can speak to customers in a 1-to-1 fashion.

Moves at Market Speed

Usermind accelerates time-to-value for CX initiatives by greatly eliminating technical dependencies and tying improvements to measurable business metrics.

Grows with the Business

Usermind is owned and managed by business users yet has technical functionality that can integrate with other complex orchestration scenarios across the organization.

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