Driving down cost in the age of the customer

Operational efficiency and best‑in‑class CX go hand‑in‑hand

Your customers don’t need to know that the seamless, personalized journey you just gave them happened to also save you money.

CX transformation is the perfect example of an initiative that helps customers more effectively accomplish their goals while simultaneously improving your bottom line.

Efficiency that delights customers and shareholders

Make digital the go-to channel

Our world is becoming increasingly digital and for good reason. Digital channels enable businesses to surface information more efficiently and to meet the needs of the customer with instantaneous scale. Usermind helps enterprises make digital the core of their business strategy to win customers for life and drive down cost.

Realize the benefit of orchestration in customer journeys

Journeys are often complex and cross-functional, resulting in excessive cost and dissatisfied customers. Experience orchestration enables enterprises to take control of journeys and underlying processes in order to remove manual work, streamline handoff and provide contextual reminders to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of customer journeys.

XO transforms growth for your business

Digital Adoption

Usermind drives adoption of digital channels and services by pairing digital products with personalized and compelling customer journeys. This makes customers more likely to self-select into a digital channel and make them more likely to be successful, resulting in lower cost to serve and happier customers.

Proactive Messaging

Usermind enables you to detect when customers are having trouble based on real-time digital activity and trigger proactive messaging in their channel of choice to help solve their exact problem, resulting in decreased call volume, increased CSAT and lower cost-to-serve.

Omni-channel Support

Usermind powers seamless omni-channel support journeys so their context follows them whether they are live chatting on your website, calling in to customer support or on the phone with their sales rep wondering what went wrong. This helps you deliver a seamless omni-channel experience and accelerates your time-to-resolution for support issues.

Want to take control of your customer journey?


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