Micro Journey Orchestration

Capitalize on key moments in the journey with 1-to-1 personalization.

Visualize a Better Experience That Leads to Better Outcomes

Using audience orchestration as a foundation, micro journey orchestration aligns historical customer data, current behavior, and journey context to provide insight into customer intent during key moments of truth in a journey.

Micro journey orchestration begins by transforming a static view of the journey map into a data-driven view of the journey across its different systems, channels, and touchpoints.

With this data-driven view, micro journey orchestration helps pinpoint the moments that matter most, such as areas of friction and drop-off. From there, teams can clearly identify areas of the journey to fix and in what priority.

The result, micro journey orchestration gives you the tools to track and fine tune them in real time. Using straightforward rules, teams can drive action and improve journey flow and capitalize on ideal outcomes in the journey as a result.

And the Results Show

Improvements in the customer experience for a telco provider solved service issues for customers while reducing unnecessary field service truck dispatches for the provider.










How Teams Use Micro Journey Orchestration

Stalled Milestone (Cart, Registration, Purchase)

Prevent drop-off in key moments in a journey by re-engaging customers at the right time in order to keep them on the happy path.

Which Improves

  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Retention

Digital Adoption (Paperless, Mobile, Web)

Reduce costs by driving digital adoption with personalized messaging that guides customers to digital channels.

Which Improves

  • Cost to Serve
  • Digital Active Users

Digital Self-Service

Leverage mobile and web analytics to better understand customer intent and provide a more prescriptive support experience on digital channels.

Which Improves

  • Digital Right-First-Time
  • Cost to Serve

How it Works

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