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Raise the bar from journey mapping to journey orchestration

You know your customer journeys. Now you want to do something about it. Usermind enables you to move from a historical view of journeys to real-time journey orchestration.

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Optimize journeys, not touchpoints

Today your customers visit your website, log into your mobile app, and dial into the call center, but their context doesn’t follow them. Usermind powers seamless journeys by connecting systems and channels and automating the personalized experiences your customers expect.


Create context by connecting siloed channels and monitoring customer activity at scale


Proactively intervene in real-time based on customer signals, triggers, or inaction


Personalize every interaction and send customers down relevant paths as you learn more about them


Personalize engagement at scale

Build complex interactions as part of a journey with Usermind’s visual rules engine that drive action across your existing systems and channels.

  • Enable highly-targeted experiences with complex rules and logic
  • Quickly build cross-functional journeys on an easy-to-use visual interface
  • Be more agile with the ability to bring new ideas to market faster without relying on IT

Multi-channel Orchestration

In-the-moment experiences in every channel

Meet customers in their channel of choice with a message that is always personalized, relevant, and timely.

  • Personalize interactions across multiple channels with data and context from siloed systems
  • Sequence multi-channel touch points based on customer state and activity
  • Bridge the gap between digital and physical channels


Know exactly who you are talking to

Create dynamic, real-time segments that tap into front and back office systems that you can leverage within a journey rule to power next-level customer journeys

Avoid collisions and negative marketing moments by combining historical data with real-time customer activity

Usermind segments are event-driven so they always stay up-to-date as customer state evolves

Build segments once and re-use them in any journey to drive agile experimentation, hyper-personalize offers, and make touchpoints more relevant


Amplify CX with data science

Deploy machine learning models built by internal data teams to improve the relevancy and personalization of your customer journeys.

  • Get the best of both worlds by deploying models in conjunction with the governance of human written rules
  • Make sure business-critical models don't just sit on the shelf
  • Operationalize any third party PMML or MLEAP model
  • Ingest models like propensity to buy, recommendation engines, classification, segmentation, and/or look-alike models into journeys


Increase agility without sacrificing power

Usermind gives you ultimate extensibility with a python backdoor for eliminating technical roadblocks and powering the most complex enterprise scenarios.

  • Make synchronous calls to microservices
  • Build custom functionality, rules, and logic to re-use across journeys
  • Python functionality works alongside visual rules so business users can build and iterate on journeys

Powered by the Usermind Platform

Usermind’s Customer Engagement Hub leverages a core set of shared tools that make up the Usermind platform.

Modern Integration Platform

Data Mapping & Identity Resolution

Unified Data Store


Health & Monitoring


Discover the Usermind Customer Engagement Hub

Journey Analytics

Gain new insight into the different paths customers take in your customer journeys


Journey Experimentation & Optimization

Experiment faster and unlock new ways to guide customers to their ideal outcome


See how Usermind can accelerate your CX initiatives

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