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Establish a test and learn culture

Usermind lets you experiment your way to better outcomes by bringing proven A/B testing best practices and insights to all of your customer journeys, channels, and touchpoints.

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New idea? Test it.

Run A/B tests to discover which new ideas drive business outcomes.

  • A/B test at the channel and journey level
  • Run tests on just a small percentage of customers and apply only the changes that work
  • Test something small like push notifications vs email or run entire journeys in tandem
  • Works with segments and models


Make “What if” a real data point

Playback real events from the past through new journey treatments to see what would have happened without affecting live customers.

  • Model the impact of journey improvements or net-new journeys
  • Derisk pushing new journeys live
  • Run comprehensive QA/QC with real customer data


Visualize the impact of CX

Usermind has Tableau OEM embedded in the core platform so you can visualize the effectiveness of individual journeys and demonstrate the impact of CX improvements on business KPIs.

  • Correlate CX improvements with business outcomes to build organizational inertia and credibility for CX initiatives
  • Build custom dashboards with embedded Tableau and Usermind’s customer data store
  • Use those insights to drive new learnings and optimize customer journeys in an agile way

Powered by the Usermind Platform

Usermind’s Customer Engagement Hub leverages a core set of shared tools that make up the Usermind platform.

Modern Integration Platform

Data Mapping & Identity Resolution

Unified Data Store


Health & Monitoring


Discover the Usermind Customer Engagement Hub

Journey Analytics

Gain new insight into the different paths customers take in your customer journeys


Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate complex, cross-functional journeys with a powerful system of action


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