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Uncover new insights by bringing your journeys to life

Journey analytics unlock the first step in transforming customer experience — understanding your customer journeys and identifying where customers are experiencing friction and dropping out.

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Discover the paths your customers take

Turn a static journey map into a real-time data-driven view of your customer journey

Leverage historical or streaming data to create an actionable journey baseline.

Visualize the common paths customers take to identify trends in your engagement strategies.

Use this baseline as a launching point for experimentation, optimization, and proactive intervention.


Pin-point where customers drop off

Find the exact moment where customers are experiencing friction and dropping off so you have the insights to take action and keep customers on the happy path.


Get the whole picture of a customer’s journey

Gain a single view of all the activity for a specific customer in one place so you have context on what led a customer to where they are today.

Powered by the Usermind Platform

Usermind’s Customer Engagement Hub leverages a core set of shared tools that make up the Usermind platform.

Modern Integration Platform

Data Mapping & Identity Resolution

Unified Data Store


Health & Monitoring


Discover the Usermind Customer Engagement Hub

Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate complex, cross-functional journeys with a powerful system of action


Journey Experimentation & Optimization

Experiment faster and unlock new ways to guide customers to their ideal outcome


See how Usermind can accelerate your CX initiatives

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