Deliver highly personalized, data-driven customer experiences

With Usermind's customer engagement hub, you can unify customer data, automate personalized interactions, and optimize end-to-end customer journeys.

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How it works

Unify data and optimize the customer journey — from one platform.
Integrate & map data

Integrate & Map Data

Connect to on-prem systems, custom applications, databases, and SaaS apps. Get a single view of your customer with connected records across systems.

Create customer journeys

Create Customer Journeys

Easily build omnichannel interactions and customer engagement workflows across all connected systems. Without coding or help from IT.

Integrate & map data

Analyze & Optimize

Learn which customer interactions, channels, and touchpoints have the most impact on business outcomes. Then instantly improve them.

Why Usermind?

Usermind is the first and only purpose-built customer engagement hub. Designed to help businesses operate faster, Usermind provides an integrated data platform for the business user.
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Built on Saas

No point-to-point integrations, no old-school on-prem installation, and no coding required.

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Designed for business users

Analyze and act on customer data. No more waiting on IT to extend your integrations or package data for insights.

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Open and vendor-agnostic

We integrate to every SaaS application and data style — so you can connect all your customer data, and easily surface insights.

What is a Customer Engagement Hub?

Connect your systems of record to your systems of engagement. Usermind's customer engagement hub moves your business logic out of siloed systems, and into a layer for cross-system orchestration.

Because Usermind listens for signals in every connected system, you can understand your customer, and build a personalized, data-driven customer experience.

See it in action

Adaptive Integrations

Get more value from your existing SaaS and on-prem systems, and act on your customer data in real-time. No engineering required.
adaptive integrationsintegrationsintegrations
Dynamic Integrations
Dynamic integrations

Usermind integrations automatically adapt to your customizations and any changes in underlying source systems or schema.

Bi-Directional Connection
Bi-directional connection

Collect data from all of your systems, and use those signals to trigger relevant actions in any connected system.

Code-Free Implementation
Code-free implementation

Connect to SaaS and databases via OAuth or secure API key, with total control over what data is accessed in Usermind.

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Data Mapping

Unify all customer data into a connected customer record. Use that single view of the customer to power behavior-driven interactions across channels, devices, and touchpoints.
Connected Customer Record
360 View of the Customer
360º view of the customer

Map data to define key stakeholders like customers, partners, accounts, and products across all systems.

Connected Customer Record
Connected customer records

Easily define workflows based on who a customer is, their behavior across channels, and current stage of the customer journey.

Behavior-Driven Personalization
Behavior-driven personalization

Unify historical data, real-time signals, and current context, so you can deliver the right experience to the right customer — at the right time, every time.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Image of Usermind Customer Engagement Hub rule building
The customer journey spans multiple touchpoints and systems. With Usermind, you can define and implement omnichannel customer engagement across systems, from one place.
Journey Mapping in action
Turn any customer journey map into action

With Usermind's visual journey composer, you can define key milestones and outcomes across records and systems.

Easily automate complex journeys

Built for business users, Usermind's rules engine guides you through your systems. You don't have to be an admin to leverage important data from your systems.

Visual Journey Builder
View of a Milestone-based Rule
Trigger context-driven workflows

Rules can be tied to milestones, so you can enable omnichannel triggers and resulting actions across all systems. Send the right engagement, at the right time, in the right channel.

Customer Journey Analytics

Understand, experiment on, and optimize the customer journey.
Analytics screenshot
Journey Monitoring
Journey monitoring & baselining

For every journey, Usermind monitors actions, key impacts, and business outcomes.

Impact-Outcome Analytics
Impact-outcome analytics

See which automated workflows are actually working, where customers get stuck or drop off, and how to optimally engage at each stage of the journey.

Testing and Experimentation
Testing & experimentation

Use journey insights and granular data to rapidly devise and test new workflows — and experiment on what drives customer engagement.

All of your data, searchable and extractable

Instantly access the connected data from all of your systems. Then use your favorite BI or visualization tools to gain insight from the connected data.

The Usermind Promise

Our mission is to help you better understand your customers, and we believe that companies should be able to orchestrate powerful, data-driven customer experiences across all systems.

That's why we're committed to providing an open, vendor-agnostic platform. We built Usermind to work with all application providers who offer an API. Finally, we will never close off your data. Our open data platform helps you extract the information you need, and connect it to your favorite visualization tools.

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