Bringing agility to CX

Enterprises are faced with the challenge of massively improving CX without replacing their existing technology. Usermind is built from the ground up to enable this agile transformation.

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Usermind Platform Principles


Usermind connects to any system, channel, PMML compliant model, or third party service and is vendor agnostic, enabling modern CX without replacing existing technologies.


Usermind supports 99% of  journeys with visual rules and unblocks the 1% of technical hurdles by allowing developers to code python directly into a journey.

Open Architecture

All of Usermind’s data is extractable and able to be leveraged by internal data science and BI teams.


Works with your current tech stack

Usermind offers an extensible integration SDK to unify your legacy, SaaS, and home-grown systems and a library of pre-built integrations so you can orchestrate customer journeys with real-time streaming data from underlying systems.

  • Connect legacy, home-grown, and SaaS systems in a matter of days with Usermind’s SDK
  • Usermind integrations are bi-directional and feed streaming data and drive action across underlying systems
  • Custom objects and fields are supported out of the box with a native schema browser
  • The rules engine is seamlessly connected with the underlying integration’s data schema with full autocomplete -- making it possible to quickly build journeys


Resolve identity across the enterprise

Usermind takes care of the heavy lifting in making cross-system orchestration possible by building a connected data schema across the enterprise.

  • Map and connect your schemas to resolve the identity of your individual customers
  • Data quality reporting gives you comprehensive visibility into data match accuracy across all of your systems
  • Detailed customer history across all journeys is available in the data store


Store journey-critical customer data in one place

Usermind pairs data storage with orchestration, providing real-time access to the critical information required to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

  • Usermind’s datastore is built on top of Amazon Aurora and Spark SQL
  • Aggregate every piece of customer data from underlying systems and customers journeys
  • Reference historical state and real-time data as inputs for rules and segments
  • Build native Tableau dashboards on top of Usermind or connect to 3rd party BI tools to Usermind's unified data store
  • Leverage calculated metrics in the data store to trigger rules and journeys


Uplevel your tech without sacrificing security

Usermind delivers uncompromising security to the world’s most complex and sensitive data environments.

  • Usermind is SOC II Type 2 certified, GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • We proactively test all our code for security vulnerabilities during the build process using tools like Sourceclear
  • We run Qualys scanners and penetration tests on production systems to detect any security holes
  • Usermind supports multi or single tenant implementations


Automate with confidence

Usermind lets you deploy complex, automated experiences with an intelligent toolset for monitoring journey health and proactively detecting when things are out of the ordinary.

  • Embedded operational monitoring and reporting of all running customer journeys, integrations, audit logs and actions
  • Proactive anomaly detection of changes in customer signals and actions
  • Know when a fetch is late and journeys are delayed or when actions spike

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