Test and learn at scale

Iterate your way to the best outcomes and quantify the impact of CX initiatives

Accelerate time to value

XO empowers business teams to be more agile by making powerful capabilities easy to use. Our XO platform works with existing systems and channels so you can accelerate time to value and drive agile experimentation with the systems you already own.

Find what works at enterprise scale

The path to best-in-class CX isn’t always linear. XO brings proven experimentation and optimization features to the complexity of the modern enterprise so you can test and learn across channels, systems and teams.

Quantify the business impact of your experience delivery

Delivering amazing experiences isn’t just good for the customer, it’s good for business. XO gives you unparalleled insight into the performance of journeys and the impact on strategic business metrics so you have real-time feedback loop to drive continual optimization.

Features that make more possible

A/B/n Testing

Run A/B/n tests at the channel and journey-level to determine which message, channel, segments, and frequencies drive the desired outcome

Impact Analytics

Correlate changes in CX treatments with specific business outcomes

Journey Simulation

Playback real events from the past through new journey treatments to see what would have happened without affecting live customers.

Dynamic Segmentation

Create segments that use data from multiple systems and adapt dynamically over time as customer state changes

Dashboards & Reporting

Use out of the box dashboards or build custom reports that measure journey performance and quantify total business impact

Explore the XO Platform


Know your customer

Monitor customers across all channels and touchpoints in real-time and identify friction and drop-off points.


Shape the experience

Take action using underlying systems and channels to guide customers to the next step in their journey.

Want to take control of your customer journey?


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