You monitor your




Are you monitoring your customers?

Know your customer

XO gives you visibility into the most valuable asset of your business, the customer, so you always know where customers are in their journey, when things go wrong and where to make improvements.

Bring your journeys to life

Journeys are core to understanding how to help customers accomplish their goals, but they don't deliver any value if they are stuck in a drawer. XO transforms static journey maps into a data-driven view of the journey across systems, channels and touchpoints.

Know exactly where your customers are experiencing pain

Understanding when and where customers are experiencing pain is the first step to better customer journeys. XO enables you to identify specific friction and drop-off points so you can prioritize which areas of the journey to fix.

Features that make more possible

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor customers in real-time across all channels and touchpoints

Cohort Analysis

Track the performance of specific cohorts to identify trends and opportunities for improvement

Historical Baseline

Leverage historical data to visualize how journeys perform over time

Custom Reporting

Build customer dashboards and reports that measure journey performance and quantify total business impact

Customer Drilldown

Gain a single view of all the activity for a specific customer so you have context on what led a customer to where they are today

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Shape the experience

Take action using underlying systems and channels to guide customers to the next step in their journey.


Test and learn

Iterate your way to the the best outcomes and quantify the impact of CX initiatives.

Want to take control of your customer journey?


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