Shape customer experiences in realtime

Take action using underlying systems and channels to guide customers to the next step in their journey.

Orchestration, at scale

Your customers expect the best experiences and it’s up to you to give it to them. XO gives you the ability to orchestrate complex, cross-functional experiences using existing home-grown and legacy systems, SaaS applications and emerging customer-facing channels.

Prevent negative experiences

Measuring customer sentiment after the fact isn’t enough to generate loyalty. Best-in-class experiences are built on being proactive. XO allows you to detect when things are going awry and proactively intervene to keep customers on the happy path.

Deliver the best experience in‑the‑moment, regardless of channel

Every time you reach out to customers your message should captivate. XO makes it possible to use historical context and real-time customer activity to deliver personalized experiences in every channel, so customers stay engaged, happy and loyal.

Features that make more possible

Journey Builder

Build journeys as a series of milestones that guide customers to the best outcome.

Dynamic Segmentation

Create reusable segments using data from multiple systems that adapt dynamically as customer state changes over time

Visual Rules Engine

Design complex interactions as human written rules that drive action across existing systems and channels.

Integration Platform

Connect to any home-grown, legacy or SaaS system with an integration SDK or a library of pre-built connectors

AI & Machine Learning Decisioning

Use your owns models to improve journeys or leverage Usermind’s native ML

Python Backdoor

If you ever hit the limits of visual rules you can code directly into the platform to eliminate technical roadblocks and extend platform functionality

Explore the XO Platform


Know your customer

Monitor customers across all channels and touchpoints in real-time and identify friction and drop-off points.


Test and learn

Iterate your way to the the best outcomes and quantify the impact of CX initiatives.

Want to take control of your customer journey?


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