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Personalization without limits

Marketing is moving from transactional to loyalty and subscriptions. This means customer engagement is more complex and old methods and tools aren’t enough. Usermind helps marketers deliver modern, hyper-personalized campaigns across channels without being blocked by technical limitations.

Usermind’s Business Impact:


Lift in Lifetime Value


Decrease in Churn


Lift in Engagement


Faster Time-to-market

Customers expect marketing that is always relevant, personalized, and timely. But enterprises are faced fragmented data and legacy tech that make it difficult to deliver the right message, at the right time.

Usermind enterprises give customers the modern experiences they expect by enabling marketing teams to:

  • Connect hard-to-reach systems and data
  • Orchestrate complex, customer-aware campaigns using existing systems
  • Rapidly test and optimize new ideas across channels
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Upgrade your ability to orchestrate complex campaigns

With customers interacting with brands on a variety of physical and digital channels, modern campaigns require messaging that is consistent, relevant and personalized -- regardless of channel.

Usermind enables marketers to build and automate campaigns that are triggered by real-time customer activity, not time-based drip campaigns, in order to optimize engagement, loyalty, and LTV.

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Weaponize data science in campaigns

Data science models and segments are critical tools for marketers who want to make campaigns more relevant and engaging, but their ability to gain access to complex data requests and models are hampered by limited technical resources.

Usermind unlocks data science and marketing -- giving marketers direct access to deploy machine learning models and create multi-system segments without having to make a request to IT.

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Personalize engagement at scale

Personalization is at the heart of modern marketing -- with enterprises across industries looking for ways to make customer engagement more relevant, contextual, and personalized.

Usermind ties together disparate systems and data so enterprises can orchestrate hyper-personalized campaigns that are rooted in a rich customer data profile, real-time customer monitoring, and context from past interactions.

Why Usermind for marketing?


Usermind works with legacy, SaaS, and home-grown systems so you can innovate without uprooting existing technology investments


Usermind is owned and managed by the business but has technical functionality for complex, enterprise scenarios


Usermind accelerates time-to-market for new campaign ideas for by eliminating technical dependencies


Usermind’s closed-loop platform enables marketers to build, test, and optimize multi-channel campaigns all on a single platform

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