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Fight commoditization, drive growth and generate loyalty by giving customers the experiences they love.

Usermind’s Business Impact for Telco:


Lift in Lifetime Value


Decrease in Churn


Lift in Engagement


Lift in NPS

We enable telco companies to not only personalize interactions, but to add value to the customer experience regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle or which channel they’re using.

Usermind works with leading telco companies to:

  • Increase the frequency and quality of customer engagement
  • Drive traffic and conversion with more personalized messaging and offers
  • Increase LTV and loyalty across the customer lifecycle
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Powering the future of telco

Sustained growth and loyalty comes as a result of delivering amazing experiences at every step of the customer lifecycle.

As your competitors continue to fight commoditization, our platform gives you the ability to compete on the basis of experience by delivering engaging journeys from acquisition to upsell and beyond.

Telco customer journey examples

Change of Address Journey







Be the hero your customers need when they make a move

Moving can be stressful, but transferring service to your new home doesn’t have to be. Change of address is a shopping trigger -- making it a strategic priority for telco companies who want to retain customers and grow with them as they move to their next home.

Usermind turns change of address from a blackbox where you hope the customer comes back into a fully automated journey where customers are guided through key milestones like updating their account, selecting new services, shipping hardware, and service installment. 

By automating what used to be a complex, manual process, telco companies can deliver the right message at the right time to ensure that they retain customers during a move, accelerate time-to-value by getting them up and running faster, and decreasing OpEx along the way.

Proactive Marketing Suppression







When something goes wrong, proactively prevent negative marketing moments

No one wants to be marketed to when they are having a bad time, and this is especially true for telco companies. The challenge is that marketing automation is separate from system monitoring -- so the marketing team has no idea that the internet is out when they try to upsell you to home and cable.

Usermind helps telco companies proactively suppress marketing campaigns when bad things happen. Whether that’s a churn propensity model, a service outage, or an escalated support ticket, Usermind can monitor in real-time, proactively stop a campaign and restart it at a better time.

This prevents ‘negative marketing moments’ and ensures that when something goes wrong, every interaction you have with the customer is to help solve their problem and add value, not to drive an upsell.

Streamlined Truckroll Logistics







Avoid unnecessary truck dispatching and more efficiently solve service issues

Improving the efficiency of truckroll logistics is critical to limiting operating expenses and saving time for customers. 

Usermind powers intelligent truckroll routing based on operational triggers like service status or signal strength, and takes proactive action to resolve customer issues ahead of time while reducing total dispatched trucks.

With Usermind, telco companies can check service status for outstanding service calls, cross-reference with nearby service calls, determine if a call is necessary, and send a proactive message to the customer to confirm their availability. 

This automation reduces calls for already resolved issues, prevents multiple trucks to be dispatched to the same area, and keeps customers in the loop so they know when and where they need to be to get back up and running. 

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