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A winning customer experience strategy in retail is about knowing who your customers are across all the channels, and using that knowledge to surprise and delight them at every opportunity.

Usermind’s Business Impact for Retail:


Lift in Gross Total Value/Email Sent


Lift in Offer Redemption


Lift in Click-through Ratio


Lift in Average Order Value

We enable retailers to not only personalize interactions, but to add value to the customer experience regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle or which channel they’re using.

Usermind works with leading retailers to:

  • Increase the frequency and quality of customer engagement
  • Drive traffic and conversion with more personalized messaging and offers
  • Increase LTV and loyalty across the customer lifecycle
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Powering the future of retail

Sustained growth and loyalty comes as a result of delivering amazing experiences at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Every retailer is fighting for your customers’ attention, and our platform was built to give your customers engaging journeys from acquisition to upsell and beyond.

Retail customer journey examples

Personalized Cross-sell/Up-sell


Lift in Order Frequency


Lift in Average Cart Value


Lift in LTV

Send the right offer, at the right time, in the right channel

Making sure that you’re sending personalized offers of in-stock products is critical to staying top of mind for customers and ensuring that they have a frictionless buying experience.

Usermind allows retailers to build and automate personalized buying journeys that are inventory- aware, personalized to the customers purchase history and digital activity, and delivered in the customer’s channel of choice.

Now customers will be more likely to click on your offer because they know it’s for them, and more likely to make a purchase because it’s actually in-stock.

Dynamic Brand Affinity Segmentation


Click-thru Ratio


GTV/Email Sent


Average Order Value

Connect customers with the brands you know they love

It’s a constant struggle for retailers to keep their marketing content up to date with product and brand affinity segments. But the customer who was ripe to buy designer jeans today might not be so keen to click on your message tomorrow if they’ve already made a purchase.

With Usermind, retailers can build dynamic segments that monitor customer activity across multiple channels so they can target customers with the products that are most relevant to them, in that moment, without having to manually update a segment or change a campaign.

Usermind partnered with Farfetch, a luxury online retailer, to improve engagement through better segmentation and targeting, and they saw a 99% increase in CTR and a 183% increase in GTV/email sent with dynamic brand affinity segmentation.

Loyalty Program Onboarding & Engagement






Rewards Redemption

Turn your loyalty program into a strategic business driver

Loyalty programs are a dime a dozen in retail — with every major retailer rolling out their own mobile app and rewards system to better retain and grow customers. But we all know there are loyalty programs that we use regularly— and those that we sign up for and never log into again.

Usermind turns traditional one to many onboarding campaigns to 1:1 onboarding engagement that is based on the real-time customer state, so push notifications, email reminders, and SMS nudges are as relevant as possible.

By tracking key milestones like first log-in, account setup, first purchase, and reward redemption, retailers can automatically route members so they move to the next step instead of dropping out. This reduces friction in onboarding and ensures that your loyalty program is one where customers keep logging in and buying more.

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