Deliver experiences that win customers for life

Usermind helps insurers build trust and generate loyalty by giving members delightful, relevant experiences that help them more effectively protect their future and achieve their goals.

Usermind’s Business Impact for Insurance:


Decrease in Churn

+5 Pts

Lift in NPS


Lift in Digital Adoption


Lift in Lifetime Value

We enable insurance providers to not only personalize interactions, but to add value to the customer experience regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle or which channel they’re using.

Usermind works with leading insurance providers to:

  • Increase the frequency and quality of customer engagement
  • Drive traffic and conversion with more personalized messaging and offers
  • Increase LTV and loyalty across the customer lifecycle
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Powering the future of insurance

Sustained growth and loyalty comes as a result of delivering amazing experiences at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Every insurance provider is fighting for your customers’ attention, and our platform was built to give your members engaging journeys from acquisition to upsell and beyond.

Insurance customer journey examples

Telematics Onboarding







Deepen engagement and generate loyalty with ecosystems services

Members that use ecosystem services like telematics are more likely to be loyal customers. But getting a customer from sign-up to full adoption is a significant challenge, especially when dealing with a diverse customer base with varying degrees of technical proficiency, time, and dedication.

Usermind addresses this challenge by delivering 1:1 onboarding that is personalized, customer-aware, and delivered in the customer’s channel of choice. 

Usermind monitors customer activity and routes customers into key milestones like first log-in, T&Cs completion, device setup, activation, and full adoption, so they receive relevant treatment for their milestone instead of dropping out. 

This personalization prevents out-of-context reminders and ensures that when a message is sent to a customer, it’s the exact right message. The result is reduced friction and greater retention in telematics onboarding and ensures that the customers who sign-up achieve what they set out to accomplish.

Personalized Cross-sell/Up-sell




Click Thru Ratio



Send the right offer, at the right time, in the right channel

A huge part of building trust is knowing your client and proactively offering the products and services that are right for them. When an insurance provider suggests a product that isn’t relevant, they run the risk of not only losing the member’s attention but also jeopardizing the relationship itself. 

Usermind allows insurers to improve the relevancy of product offers by monitoring for key life events like change of address or adding a primary account owner and trigger relevant campaigns for value-added products and services like comprehensive coverage, home & life, .

This automation makes your message more relevant to where the customer in that moment, so they feel like you know who they are and can be a prescriptive partner for building a happier, safer and more secure future.

Claims Processing Call Deflection


Member NPS





Remove the stress of claims and prevent shopping triggers

Submitting a claim can be a stressful experience and is often a shopping trigger. Not only are members dealing with what might be a traumatic event, but many have had negative claim experiences with a lack of transparency and surprise final bills.

Driving transparency in claims processing is a big challenge, with claims data living in legacy or homegrown systems that are disparate from customer-facing channels.  

Usermind enables insurance providers to connect critical claims data with customer facing channels. By doing this, insurers can monitor for updates, or lack of activity, in the claims process and send a proactive notification to the member in their channel of choice. This drives down inbound calls for outstanding claims, reduces OpEx, and improves the experience for members.

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