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Usermind helps healthcare companies bring modern, personalized experiences to healthcare so they can deliver more value, reduce cost to serve, and generate life-long loyalty.

Usermind’s Business Impact for Healthcare:


Decrease in OpEx 

+5 Pts

Lift in Provider & Member NPS


Lift in Digital Engagement


Faster Provider Onboarding

We enable healthcare companies to not only personalize interactions, but to increase access to care, improve provider and member NPS, and redefine the healthcare experience in every channel.

Usermind works with leading healthcare companies to:

  • Eliminate operational inefficiency and drive down cost-to-serve
  • Leverage consumer insights and data to power more informed interactions
  • Improve the frequency and quality of member engagement
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Powering the future of healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental part of wellness -- that’s why it’s critical for healthcare companies to deliver on the promise of transparent, personalized, and value-driven healthcare experiences.

Our platform was built to improve efficiency and modernize journeys at each step of the consumer lifecycle. From provider onboarding to claims processing, Usermind is the technology of choice for delivering unparalleled experiences.

Healthcare customer journey examples

Automated Provider Onboarding


Faster Onboarding

5 Pts

Provider NPS



Remove the bottlenecks in provider onboarding that lead to denied claims

Some healthcare companies are managing 90+ day provider onboarding timelines which result in unpaid claims by members who thought their provider was in network and providers who are unaware that there was a problem to begin with.

Usermind helps connect the backend systems and automate processes during credentialing, contracting, and approval. Usermind has been deployed to eliminate manual triage between steps, automate handoff, and send proactive notifications for both internal and external stakeholders to eliminate bottlenecks. 

By automating what used to be a complex, manual process, healthcare payers can accelerate provider onboarding by 50% which significantly reduces in-bound calls, improves NPS, and reduces OpEX.

Personalized Care Journeys



5 Pts

Member NPS



Reduce the stress of a complex healthcare system with greater personalization

Healthcare can be complicated, especially when you don’t know what information you need and have minimal support. More often than not, consumers are left to fend for themselves to discover critical resources that help them navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

Usermind enables healthcare companies to give consumers personalized care journeys that are built on consumer behavior, medical, pharmaceutical, and financial information. By integrating all data sets that are relevant to a care journey, healthcare companies can organize and deliver the integration in a way that is easy for consumers to understand and act on. 

Personalized care journeys help consumers live healthier and happier lives -- without the stress of a generic healthcare experience. The result is a lower cost-to-serve, dramatically improved NPS, and reduced OpEx.

Claims Processing Call Deflection


Member NPS


Inbound Calls



Keep members in the loop, in their channel of choice

Submitting a claim can be a stressful experience. Not only are members dealing with a health event, but many of them have had negative claims experiences with a lack of transparency and surprise final bills.

Driving transparency in claims processing is a big challenge, with claims data living in legacy or homegrown systems that are disparate from customer-facing channels.  

Usermind enables healthcare payers to connect critical claims data with customer facing channels. By doing this, payers can monitor for updates, or lack of activity, in the claims process and send a proactive notification to the member in their channel of choice. This drives down inbound calls for outstanding claims, reduces OpEx, and improves the experience for members. 

EHR & HIPAA Channel Opt-in Authorization







Make multi-channel engagement possible and frictionless for patients

Not every patient uses the same customer-facing channels. That’s why providers and networks need to make opting-in to specific channels like SMS, email, push notifications, and social as frictionless as possible. 

Today, patients have to authorize every channel they want to interact with their provider to pass healthcare information in accordance with HIPAA regulations. The process is one-off, manual, and time-consuming for patients and leaves them frustrated and out-of-the-loop when they don’t have access to the right information, in the right channel. 

Usermind automates the opt-in journey and activates specific channels in compliance with HIPAA regulations. With Usermind, patients are guided through the opt-in process, with relevant reminders based on their real-time activity and channel preferences.

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