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Deliver experiences that win customers for life

Usermind helps banks build trust and generate loyalty by giving clients delightful, relevant experiences that help them more effectively achieve their goals.

Usermind’s Business Impact for Banking:


Lift in LTV


Lift in Retention


Decrease in OpEx


Faster Account Funding

We enable banks to not only personalize interactions, but to add value to clients regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle or which channel they’re using.

Usermind works with leading banks to:

  • Increase the frequency and quality of customer engagement
  • Leverage customer insights and data to power more informed interactions
  • Increase LTV throughout the customer lifecycle
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Powering the future of banking

Long-lived banking relationships come as a result of building trust through amazing experiences at each step of the customer lifecycle.

Every bank is fighting for your clients’ attention, and our platform was built to deliver value to clients and drive meaningful engagement from account onboarding to upsell and beyond.

Banking customer journey examples

New Checking Account Onboarding


Digital Engagement




Account Funding

Keep clients on track with messaging that is relevant to where they are today

Signing up a client is the first step in new account onboarding, but they is no revenue opportunity until they successfully fund their account. Part of the challenge is that traditional onboarding is one to many, where everyone who signs up is pushed into a time-based campaign regardless of where they have already completed. 

Usermind solves for this by combining 1:1 multi-channel engagement with real-time customer monitoring, so as customers achieve specific milestones in the onboarding journey, they are treated with relevant messaging for where they are today. 

For example, if a client signs up and sets up direct deposit, Usermind will skip the direct deposit reminder and and send a more relevant message around auto-billpay, an optional line of credit, or a prompt to download the mobile app. 

This helps keep clients on the rails and ensures that the messaging is relevant and engaging. The result is improved retention, increased digital engagement and cross-sell, and accelerated time-to-funding.

Personalized Cross-sell/Up-sell




Click Thru Ratio



Send the right offer, at the right time, in the right channel

A huge part of building trust in banking is knowing your client and proactively offering the products and services that are right for them. When a bank suggests a product that isn’t relevant — or worse makes a client go into a branch in order to access the right information — they run the risk of not only losing the client’s attention but also jeopardizing the relationship itself. 

Usermind allows banks to improve the relevancy of product offers by monitoring for key life events like change of address or adding a primary account owner and trigger custom campaigns for value-added products and services like a HELOC, additional credit card user, life insurance, and more.

This automation makes your message more relevant to where the customer in that moment, so they feel like you know who they are and can be a prescriptive partner for building a happier, more secure financial future.

Proactive Loan Origination


Faster Processing





Accelerate time-to-funding for loans

Processing loans can be an arduous, time-consuming process. Leading banks are looking for ways to monitor the journey and consolidate the client banking record into a single source of truth in order to accelerate loan origination and enable proactive intervention for brokers if certain triggers are met. 

Usermind enables banks to build and automate loan origination journeys — or journeys for any banking product — that tap into legacy and home-grown banking systems. This enables banks to monitor the origination journey, trigger proactive intervention when things go wrong, and reduce the need for additional in-person visits and in-bound calls. 

The end result is a significantly faster time-to-value for new commercial banking clients, reduced manual work and error, and decreased OpEx from both in-branch and call center channels. 

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