Usermind FAQs

How do you handle changes to my underlying systems?

With Usermind, you control how often we fetch data and the underlying metadata and schema for each system. Integrations automatically adjust to changes on each new fetch.

How frequently can you push or pull data from my systems?

You can customize your fetch frequency based on what is allowed by each system's API. For near-real-time pulling, we can create webhooks.

Do you store our system credentials in the cloud?

Heck no! Authorization for your systems in Usermind happens via secure OAuth or API key. We never see your credentials — only tokens from OAuth calls.

How much data history do you keep?

You have control over what data is run through Usermind journeys. You can browse the schema of any connected system, and filter any unnecessary data. Only use the data necessary to providing a world-class experience for your customers, partners, and employees.

What if I need an integration you don't have?

If a system has an API, we can build an integration. For custom applications and real-time events, we can establish webhooks, write a script to extract data, or upload flat files. Usermind also provides a universal database adapter. (The Usermind integration SDK is coming soon.)

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