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Bridge the gap between legacy tech and modern digital experiences

Usermind accelerates digital initiatives without having to rip and replace legacy or home-grown systems, so enterprises can readily compete with digital-first startups.

Usermind’s Business Impact:


Lift in Lifetime Value


Lift in Engagement


Decrease in Churn


Faster Time-to-Market

Digital teams are tasked with radically improving digital experience. But there are a number of challenges: sprawling organizational complexity, disparate data and legacy technology, and a lack of capabilities for stitching together holistic, connected experiences.

Usermind meets this challenge head-on by offering the only closed-loop platform for delivering full life-cycle digital experiences, giving digital teams the ability to:

  • Understand and analyze digital touchpoints and journeys
  • Build and automate cross-functional digital experiences using existing systems
  • Rapidly test and optimize new ideas
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Modernization with legacy tech

Enterprises are being forced to compete with digital-first startups that are rapidly redefining customer expectations. The greatest challenge facing digital teams is how to win customers and compete on experience with legacy technology.

Usermind was built for enterprise complexity and legacy tech. We give digital teams the toolset to build and automate experiences customers love using their existing legacy, home-grown, and SaaS technology investments.

Generating loyalty through direct-to-consumer

As companies transition from transactional to long-term relationships, they’ve turned to direct-to-consumer and loyalty programs as key strategic initiatives for improving retention and LTV. But these programs are worthless if you can’t keep customers engaged.

Usermind amplifies enterprises’ ability to drive meaningful engagement in D2C and loyalty programs by monitoring multi-channel touchpoints and tailoring engagement strategies to give customers curated experiences in real-time.

Personalization at scale

Personalization is at the heart of digital transformation -- with enterprises across industries looking for ways to make customer engagement more relevant, contextual, and personalized.

Usermind ties together disparate systems and data so enterprises can orchestrate hyper-personalized digital experiences that are rooted in a rich customer data profile, real-time customer monitoring, and context from past interactions.

Why Usermind for digital transformation?


Usermind works with legacy, SaaS, and home-grown systems so you can innovate without uprooting existing technology investments


Usermind is owned and managed by the business, but has technical capabilities for more complex scenarios


Usermind accelerates time-to-value for digital initiatives by eliminating roadblocks and technical dependencies


Usermind’s closed-loop platform enables enterprises to analyze, build, test, and optimize digital experiences all on a single platform

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