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Modern CX. Made Possible.

Usermind accelerates CX initiatives without having to rip and replace legacy or home-grown systems, so enterprises can readily compete on the basis of CX, accelerate growth, and reduce cost to serve.

Usermind’s Business Impact:


Lift in Lifetime Value


Decrease in Churn


Lift in Engagement


Lift in NPS

CX teams are tasked with delivering modern customer journeys. But there are a number of challenges: sprawling organizational complexity, disparate data and legacy technology, and a lack of capabilities for implementing new journeys.

Usermind meets this challenge head on by offering the only closed-loop platform for delivering full life-cycle customer journeys, giving CX teams the ability to:

  • Understand and analyze customer journeys
  • Build and automate cross-functional journeys using existing systems
  • Rapidly test and optimize new ideas
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Personalize the full customer life-cycle

Personalization is at the heart of modern CX -- with enterprises across industries looking for ways to make customer journeys more relevant, contextual, and personalized.

Usermind ties together disparate systems and data so enterprises can orchestrate hyper-personalized customer journeys that are rooted in a rich customer data profile, real-time customer monitoring, and context from past interactions.

Evolve from analytics to action

Mapping journeys is core to understanding the customer experience, but insights are useless unless you leverage those insights to operationalize improvements in customer journeys.

Usermind arms CX teams with the technology to evolve from a source of insights to a driver of action -- enabling them to identify friction in customer journeys and build and automate the experiences they know customers will love.

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Compete with agile CX

Maintaining a competitive edge in CX requires agility. This means going from an idea to a fully automated, cross-functional journey that you can test in a matter of days.

Usermind is the only closed-loop platform that powers agile CX -- with a suite of capabilities that lets you build, test, and optimize customer journeys with real-time business impact analytics.

Why Usermind for CX?


Usermind works with legacy, SaaS, and home-grown systems so you can innovate without uprooting existing technology investments


Usermind is owned and managed by the business but has technical functionality for more complex scenarios


Usermind accelerates time-to-value for CX initiatives by eliminating roadblocks and tying improvements to key business metrics


Usermind’s closed-loop platform enables CX teams to analyze, build, test, and optimize customer journeys all on a single platform

Why customer experience?

Customers expectations are rapidly evolving. Tech start-ups are disrupting enterprises and redefining industry standards. To fight commoditization, customer experience itself has become the new differentiator.

Leaders in CX are transforming their customer journeys to:

  • Improve retention
  • Increase loyalty and LTV
  • Reduce cost-to-serve
  • Optimize acquisition and share of wallet
  • Drive digital & physical engagement
  • Turn customers into champions

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