Tableau Improves Marketing Personalization in Trial Conversion and Onboarding


Tableau is a leading software company that produces interactive data visualization products specialiazing in business intelligence. They recently shifted from a traditional licensing model to a subscription business to reach a broader variety of users.









business goal

This shift to a subscription model meant a heightened focus on personalization and engagement to win, grow, and retain customers.Tableau identified two areas of focus: Trial Engagement and New Customer Onboarding, with the primary goal to increase trial conversion and customer retention.


Tableau uses data from numerous systems to get marketing campaigns off the ground. They use native integrations to connect common systems like Salesforce and Eloqua.
In many cases marketing needs to customize or configure the data coming from those systems, so the marketing team works with engineers to build data pipelines through API connections. Getting this data quickly is important to marketing campaigns to improve personalization at scale.

The Solution

With Usermind, Tableau built reusable, custom integrations to core systems, data stores, and SaaS applications. The integrations are bi-directional and dynamic, so as underlying systems and data schema change, the marketing team can adjust quickly.

With Usermind’s code-free visual builder, non-technical marketers can build rules and logic that connect business-critical data to their marketing campaigns in real-time and allows them to automate personalized, data-rich marketing campaigns.

Most importantly, Usermind eliminated the need for technical resources in order to get new ideas off the ground -- so marketing can be more creative and innovative in their approach to data-science driven marketing campaigns without worrying about adding another line item to the engineering queue.  Engineering can now focus on their core competencies, and marketing can focus on delivering experiences that convert more trialists, generate greater engagement, and improve customer retention across the board.

Tableau is working with Usermind to leverage Usermind’s Customer Engagement Hub to ingest known and unknown audiences, create intelligent rules that leverage machine learning, and then make the best decision to activate the right channel at the right time.


Usermind’s Customer Engagement Hub helps companies deliver highly personalized, data-driven customer experiences. With codefree integration, a unified record of customer data, and cross-system data mapping, companies can orchestrate customer journeys — omnichannel customer experiences based on a customer’s current context and full interaction history.

With Usermind’s customer journey analytics, companies can get insight and immediately implement new processes to drive engagement, retention, and revenue. To learn more, visit and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.



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