Open Positions

We're hiring bold thinkers to help solve one of the biggest problems around.

The Usermind Way

Values are subjective. That's why we've built our company culture on actions.

Customer Obsession
We obsess over our customers.

We work diligently with a customer-first approach, from building our product to prioritizing our work.

Move the Needle
We move the needle.

We prioritize our time to make the most meaningful business impact.

Bias Toward Action
We have a bias toward action.

We move to avoid "analysis paralysis." Perfection should never be a blocker for "done."

Disagree and Commit
We disagree — and commit.

Respectful disagreement is healthy. We challenge, decide, and then fully commit to a course of action.

Take Ownership
We take ownership.

Everyone here is a leader. We take initiative, follow through, and own our sh**.

We persevere.

Setbacks are only ever temporary. We don't quit; we collaborate to find a way.

We're committed to creating a company we love, and our benefits reflect it.

Sweet Benefits

Fully paid medical, dental, and vision

Company ownership through stock options

Generous vacation policy and flexible working hours

Professional development

Opportunities to attend and speak at industry events

Transit pass or subsidized parking

A team of brilliant coworkers who love what they do!

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