Usermind Integrates with Strikedeck, Drupal, GoToWebinar, Tito, Kapost, Uberflip, and Intercom

Usermind Integrates with Strikedeck, Drupal, GoToWebinar, Tito, Kapost, Uberflip, and Intercom

Elizabeth Crouch
Elizabeth Crouch

We’re excited to announce seven new integrations in Usermind’s platform. With Usermind, you can easily integrate your SaaS applications, on-prem systems, databases, flat files, and real-time data streams — with zero coding required. Here’s the latest line-up of SaaS systems we instantly connect to.



Strikedeck is a customer success platform for managing customer relationships. It provides metrics around customers’ NPS Scores, Health Scores, and Risk Metrics — and with Usermind, you can use customer insights from Strikedeck to build better customer experiences across all your systems.

With Usermind + Strikedeck, you can:

  • Understand how much time specific customers spend in each lifecycle stage
  • Get better insight into the factors impacting customer Health Scores, with context from other systems mapped into a 360° customer view in Usermind
  • Create micro-segments of customers based on lifecycles tracked in Strikedeck
  • Identify customers who are stuck in certain lifecycle stages, and orchestrate Usermind journeys around at-risk customers or customers with bad health scores
  • Use Strikedeck statuses to trigger emails, notify support teams, escalate CRM tasks, add customers to specific campaigns in your marketing automation platform, or assign tasks for proactive communication through Intercom, Zendesk, Slack, and other connected systems



Drupal is a leading platform for web content management among global enterprises and governments. With Drupal connected to Usermind and other systems, it’s easy to deliver behavior-driven web personalization, with context from the full customer journey.

With Usermind + Drupal, you can:

  • Connect to any Drupal instance, fetch all data from it, and update and write data back
  • Use data from other systems to personalize web experience in Drupal, delivering context at every stage of the customer journey
  • Update a customer’s profile in Usermind and other systems based on interactions on a Drupal page — including adding them to marketing automation campaigns, updating CRM records, triggering emails or calls, and more



GoToWebinar is one of the most popular tools for hosting large-scale online events. With GoToWebinar connected to Usermind, you can use webinar engagement data in all your other systems.

With Usermind + GoToWebinar, you can:

  • Add webinar registration or attendance data to any other systems
  • Append session performance to records in other systems, like Salesforce campaigns
  • Get attendee survey answers, and use them in segmentation for future sessions



Tito provides software for online event registration and ticketing. With Usermind, you can connect event attendance to your broader customer engagement strategy.

With Usermind + Tito, you can:

  • Append Tito event registrant data to other systems
  • Use event attendance or absenteeism to create segments
  • Generate new discounts or secret tickets for customers based on criteria from other systems



Kapost provides software that helps companies manage their B2B content marketing process. Usermind helps you connect these content marketing processes to your broader customer engagement strategy across the full lifecycle.

With Usermind + Kapost, you can:

  • Push content created in Kapost to other systems
  • Manage employee journeys around content creation
  • Use tags to pull in dynamic content to other systems



Uberflip’s content marketing platform helps you create immersive content experiences for your customers. Usermind connects Uberflip content and performance metrics to the rest of your customer journey.

With Usermind + Uberflip, you can:

  • Use Uberflip item performance metrics to dynamically deliver content in other systems
  • Push content from other systems into Uberflip, or vice versa



Intercom helps you manage your customer relationships. With Usermind, you can add valuable, contextual data from any other system to your communications in Intercom.

With Usermind + Intercom, you can:

  • Use customer signals and data from other applications to trigger communications from Intercom
  • Push information about your customer interactions in Intercom to your CRM, marketing automation platform, and other systems.


We’re constantly adding new integration capabilities to the Usermind platform. And because Usermind creates a connected record of customer data from every system, you can power real-time, behavior-driven, contextual customer journeys, across systems.

Curious how Usermind can help you provide a better customer experience, at scale? Request a personalized demo today.

Elizabeth Crouch
Elizabeth Crouch
Senior Marketing Manager at Usermind

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