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Usermind Expands its Customer Engagement Hub with New Zendesk Integration

Usermind Expands its Customer Engagement Hub with New Zendesk Integration


Organizations Can Connect Zendesk and Other Systems to Unify Data and Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience 

APRIL 11, 2017 – SEATTLE – Usermind today announced its Customer Engagement Hub now integrates with Zendesk, Inc.’s leading cloud-based customer service software. This integration provides organizations with more context on customer relationships, and delivers automated customer journeys to improve customer engagement, retention and revenue. Usermind connects business systems and applications to create a single, unified record of the customer, and uses that record to deliver personalized, behavior-driven customer experiences.

By integrating with Zendesk Support, Usermind customers can now use data and signals from other marketing, business and sales systems to provide context to Zendesk Support tickets. Usermind customers can also connect Zendesk data to other systems to improve overall customer experience through automated internal and external actions such as as email campaign triggers, Salesforce updates, or notifying product owners of issues logged in Zendesk.

Customer data is the most valuable asset to companies today, but businesses often interact with customers without important context about their historical relationship and current status. This lack of context stems from disconnected systems and often negatively impacts customer satisfaction. In a recent Usermind survey, “The Impact of CRM on Customer Experience,” 74 percent of respondents said a lack of integration between customer-impacting systems results in customer issues or complaints. Usermind brings context from Zendesk to other systems with unified records of customer data, and orchestrates timely, relevant next actions across systems.

“Highly personalized customer engagement is a business imperative,” said Michel Feaster, CEO and co-founder of Usermind. “By integrating with Zendesk Support we’re opening up access to a dataset that provides important context to help organizations improve touchpoints with customers and build holistic customer experiences.”

Usermind’s Zendesk integration is available through the Usermind Customer Engagement Hub and via the Zendesk App Marketplace.

In addition to Zendesk, Usermind offers nearly two dozen other pre-built SaaS integrations including Salesforce, Marketo, Slack and MailChimp, and integrates with standard databases, custom applications, webhooks, and raw datasets. To learn about all of Usermind’s integrations, visit: 

About Usermind

Usermind's Customer Engagement Hub helps companies deliver highly personalized, data-driven customer experiences. With code-free integration, a unified record of customer data, and cross-system data mapping, companies can orchestrate customer journeys — omnichannel customer experiences based on a customer's current context and full interaction history. With Usermind’s customer journey analytics, companies can get insight and immediately implement new processes to drive engagement, retention, and revenue. To learn more, visit and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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