Product Release: New Zuora Integration Features in Usermind

Product Release: New Zuora Integration Features in Usermind

Damie Brooks
Damie Brooks

Billing your customer is, at the end of the day, the primary goal for most companies. That’s why a world-class billing system is vital for any SaaS or digitally operating company.

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Billing is also the stage in your customer’s journey where even a slight misstep can negatively impact customer experience, in a big way. On the plus side, giving customers a smooth, intuitive billing experience (and escalating billing exceptions before they become customer service issues) provides a great opportunity to increase revenue and decrease churn.

Imagine how seamless your customer journey could be if all of your systems communicated with each other, and all your vital customer data was accessible across teams and applications.

Here at Usermind, that’s the goal. With no coding required, we help you connect your CRM, marketing automation, analytics, help desk, and billing system — in just a few easy steps, and with no coding required. Connecting a billing system like Zuora to Salesforce, Marketo (or HubSpot, Oracle Eloqua, or Pardot), Mixpanel,, Zendesk, and other systems of record has never been easier.

Why Zuora?

Zuora is an end-to-end solution for recurring revenue. They offer subscription services and recurring billing management, supporting use cases in eCommerce, billing, and finance. We chose Zuora as our first integration solution for billing and subscription management because of their stellar reputation and solid market penetration.

Zuora is great — and with Usermind, you can use data from Zuora and other connected services to create a world-class customer experience.

What’s new in our Zuora integration?

We recently updated our Zuora connector to help you access all the power of the Zuora API — without coding a line. These updates allow incremental fetching of data and access to more actions in Zuora, as well as better support for data synchronization across Salesforce and Zuora.

With the new version of the Zuora integration, you can:

  • Fetch only the data that has changed, so you don’t run over your account’s API call limits
  • Trigger business logic based on near-real-time changes to data states within Zuora
  • Push data like Salesforce account information into Zuora fields
  • Build Usermind rules around new actions in Zuora, such as creating a bundled subscription and creating new accounts

Here are a few components you can use to build journeys with Usermind:

  • If something happens in Salesforce, update the Zuora account billing period
  • If something happens in Marketo, create a new Zuora subscription
  • Update lead or opportunity information with product or subscription information from Zuora

With data and actions unified between Zuora, marketing automation, transactional email, CRM, and help desk, you can orchestrate a seamless customer journey that takes billing/subscription status into consideration, and use actions within connected service to update status in Zuora.

Why is this important?

Traditionally, it takes an experienced developer to change something in Zuora or make updates in another system based off Zuora data. It also takes access to the databases, APIs, and systems in question.

Usermind was built specifically for marketing, customer success, and business operations teams, even users with a limited technical skill level can accomplish big things with our product. Basically, if you can imagine it, you can orchestrate it.

With our people-friendly visual interface, it’s easy to write complex logic across any field, object, and value —  in any connected system. And because Usermind provides a data store and analytics, you can visualize your funnel in a way that previously has not been accessible, and analyze patterns across your holistic customer experience.

Journey orchestration can be a game changer for companies. Beyond saving hours of manual time updating fields in systems, it can help you stitch together a fragmented set of information into a complete picture of your prospects and what processes drive conversion, upsell, and renewal — and help you join the leading edge of companies building personalized, data-driven customer experiences.

Damie Brooks
Damie Brooks
Sr. Technical Product Manager at Usermind

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