New Integrations in Usermind: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Analytics, and Google BigQuery

New Integrations in Usermind: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Analytics, and Google BigQuery

Elizabeth Crouch
Elizabeth Crouch

We’re excited to announce three new integrations available in Usermind’s Customer Engagement Hub: Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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 Usermind + Google Analytics

Customer experience usually starts with an anonymous visit to your site — that is, before you have any data on who a prospect, customer, or potential partner may be. For companies that use Google Analytics, it’s easy to get analytics on aggregate customer interactions, but hard to tie anonymous browsing data to conversion and customer experience down the line.

With Usermind’s Google Analytics integration, you can orchestrate better experiences for existing customers and anonymous browsers.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Google Analytics integration in Usermind:

  • Unify anonymous "before the party" data to "after the party" customer records in any system connected through Usermind — so you can track your customers from day one
  • Orchestrate personalized customer journeys between GA, content management system (CMS), and retargeting
  • Use GA data like browsing activity or viewing content to enrich lead scoring
  • Use machine learning to analyze patterns in browsing behavior, and deliver next best actions based on analysis of cohorts with similar behaviors

With connected customer records, it’s easy to power personalized, contextual experiences — both before and after conversion.

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  Usermind + Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that empowers companies to store and query massive datasets, and it enables super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google's infrastructure.

With Google BigQuery integrated through Usermind, you can connect usage data, transactions, analytics, and other customer signals to the rest of your technology stack. With connected data about your customer's full history and current context, you can power more relevant, personalized customer journeys — at scale, and without coding.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Google BigQuery integration in Usermind:

  • Add behavioral data aggregated in BigQuery to customer records in Salesforce, Zuora, and other systems of record
  • Personalize customer communications in other systems based on product usage or web activity
  • Use updates to data in BigQuery to trigger automated workflows in other systems

Best of all, you no longer have to be an analyst or engineer to use BigQuery data in journey orchestration. Because Usermind is built for business users, our BigQuery integration allows you to explore the database schema for all the entities and objects in your instance, and build contextual customer journeys — without any coding, queries, or CSV uploads.

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  Usermind + Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Dynamics connected to the rest of your databases, on-prem solutions, SaaS applications, and other systems, you can orchestrate complex end-to-end customer journeys across touchpoints and channels.

Use any actions, updates, objects, or data from Dynamics to power customer interactions across systems. You can also connect data from your web analytics, product usage, customer support, and other systems into a unified record to power actions and updates in Dynamics.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration in Usermind:

  • Connect your CRM to products outside the Dynamics suite — including marketing automation, CMS, social media, retargeting, and other systems — to improve customer experience at the top of the funnel
  • Connect Dynamics to product usage data, customer support, survey, and NPS tools to provide a true 360° view of the customer — provide a more personalized, relevant experience at all stages of the customer lifecycle
  • Enrich customer records and lead scores with real-time web browsing data, content views, and other customer signals
  • Use updates to data in Dynamics to power orchestration in other systems

Because Usermind’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration can fetch from and push to all objects and entities in Dynamics, you can surface insights at every stage of the customer journey, and rapidly iterate on and improve customer experience.

Want to see how easy it is to connect customer data from all your systems into a 360° customer view, and orchestrate cross-system journeys? Request your demo of Usermind now

Elizabeth Crouch
Elizabeth Crouch
Senior Marketing Manager at Usermind

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