Introducing our three part CX podcast series with Diane Magers

Introducing our three part CX podcast series with Diane Magers

David Henry
David Henry

We are excited to join forces with our partner, Diane Magers, Chief Experience Officer of Experience Catalyst and former CEO of the CXPA. CEO of Usermind, Michel Feaster, sat down with Diane and discussed how enterprises can go from journey mapping to journey management in a three part podcast series.

The reality for enterprises is that consumer expectations are rising every day. Organizations have historically competed on price and product, but today they are competing on experience. The rise of Uber and Apple have accelerated the need for journey thinking, and for good reason. The external customer-centric view is game changing when it comes to the way brands engage with their customers. This has caused big companies to think of journey management as a strategic differentiator as they try to drive growth and generate loyalty.

At its core, customers are feeling the angst of having to accomplish a goal an organization where there are handoffs between silos and teams. Journeys helps organizations gain a better view of the customer’s perspective while also identifying cross-functional challenges within a journey. 

Journeys and customer experience are two of the most strategic initiatives for large enterprises over the next 20 years. In the same way IT and digitization set companies apart over the past 10-15 years, journeys will become one of the defining competencies. There is a wide range of maturity on journeys depending on the company, but it has been proven to be an invaluable tool for transforming the business. 

To help enterprises better navigate their journey (pun intended) to journey management, we created this podcast series to walk listeners through what it means to take the leap from journey mapping to journey management:

1.    Overview of Experience and Journey Management

Our first podcast serves as a journey mapping 101, why you might want to use this design technique, and some of the challenges that come along with it.

2.    Operationalizing Customer Journeys

The second podcast is focused on the technology aspect of journey management, specifically covering key capacities in journey management like baselining, monitoring, orchestration & experimentation.

3.    Value and Action and Lessons Learned

The third and final podcast covers how to use journey thinking to deliver value and take action. As a final wrap up we cover some of the lessons learned from both Diane and Michel’s experience in working with enterprises in CX transformation.  


Journey management can be overwhelming, which makes small steps and an agile approach an important part of success in journey initiatives. Both Michel and Diane suggest working with an outside facilitator to better understand how journeys can be applied to your business. Working with a professional helps drive strategic prioritization, leading to a much higher likelihood of success. 

Learn how journey mapping and technology can come together to improve the way enterprises interact with customers as you continue down your path to journey management. Don’t forget to check out this podcast series. 

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David Henry
David Henry

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