Behavior-Driven Personalization with Usermind's Mixpanel Integration

Behavior-Driven Personalization with Usermind's Mixpanel Integration

Elizabeth Crouch
Elizabeth Crouch

As a marketer, I’ve had to rely on segmentation to deliver a more relevant experience to customers. Whether breaking them out in groups by demographic, persona, job title, or firmographic information, I’ve often had to rely on what I think I know about a type of customer to tailor communications for them.

But your customers are not segments. They’re individual people. And they’re probably interacting with your website or product in ways that don’t fall tidily into a demographic or firmographic bucket.

In my experience, the missing piece of data has always been usage analytics. Product teams generally track usage data, but often deliver it as an aggregate report, or as a cohort analysis that lacks the broader context of account data. And because of organizational silos between product and marketing and sales — and a lack of systems integration — it’s easy for product usage data to get buried.

It has always been difficult to extract the kind of meaningful data I need to enrich account records, onboarding campaigns, and other communications with meaningful context from an individual’s personal interactions, because that data is spread out between multiple, disconnected systems.

We recently touched on the importance of behavior-driven personalization. Because Usermind’s Mixpanel integration regularly fetches event and profile data — and delivers it to your other applications as needed — it’s now easier than ever to deliver a real-time, behavior-driven customer experience.

With Usermind, you can fetch any profile or event data from Mixpanel, and use it to trigger actions, create rules, and build complex journeys with other connected systems.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with Mixpanel data in Usermind:

  • Map entities between Mixpanel and your CRM, marketing automation, and transactional email systems to get a single view of customer usage or interaction
  • Enrich Salesforce leads, accounts, and opportunities with Mixpanel usage data
  • Use Mixpanel events to trigger transactional emails or a sales touch
  • Combine Mixpanel data with lead scoring or account status to drive better sales, upsell, or renewal campaigns
  • Trigger drip emails or notify your customer success team based on customers’ feature use or latency
  • Qualify leads and segment customer communications based on actions taken or not taken
  • Add users to an upsell campaign when they try to use a feature that isn’t included in their subscription

How it works

Connect Mixpanel to Usermind

Simply provide your Mixpanel Project API key to authorize a Usermind connection.

Mixpanel - Connect.jpg

Boom! Mixpanel is now integrated with the rest of your connected systems.

Define your Rules and Journeys

Here are three examples of complex rules or journeys you can build with Usermind.

1.  Use Mixpanel event data + qualifiers from other systems to trigger a task in Salesforce or a notification in Slack

Let’s say someone downloads a whitepaper from your website:  if that person is a marketing- or sales-qualified lead, we want to trigger a sales task. If it’s an existing customer, let’s just send the account owner a quick Slack notification so they can follow up with their client.

Because Usermind maps email address tracked in Mixpanel back to their Salesforce lead or contact matches, you can automatically get the notifications to the right person, in near-real-time.


2.  Use Mixpanel profile data + event data to create leads in Salesforce

Let’s say someone has interacted with your site in a way that indicates purchase intent, but hasn’t provided you with a ton of information beyond signing up for your newsletter with their name and email address. If you’re tagging events in Mixpanel, actions they take can now be easily associated with the email address in their Mixpanel profile, which can then be pushed to Salesforce through Usermind.


Booyah! Start working that lead.

3.  Use Mixpanel event data to add customers to targeted marketing or customer success campaigns

Segment smarter! Let’s add customers who are in a specific product subscription tier to a targeted campaign based on their product usage. For example, let’s add anyone in a new Enterprise subscription who completes onboarding, or has filled out their profile, but has not engaged with the product otherwise.

Mixpanel Rules 3

With Usermind’s intuitive rule builder, the sky’s the limit. You can fully automate and orchestrate customer journeys built on behavioral data — without writing a line of code. Then you can analyze customers’ progress through the journeys you’ve created, and experiment accordingly.

Interested in powering data-driven customer journeys, but don’t use Mixpanel? Usermind also integrates with databases, and almost any other available data via webhook. And our Segment integration is coming soon!

Elizabeth Crouch
Elizabeth Crouch
Senior Marketing Manager at Usermind

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