3 Key Ways to Stay Competitive while Growing Your Modern CX Org

3 Key Ways to Stay Competitive while Growing Your Modern CX Org

Marketa Williams
Marketa Williams

It’s no secret, from small companies to large enterprises, it is becoming essential to survival to deliver engaging customer experiences - and your customer expects them. Customers are accustomed to completely connected, always-on and relevant experiences with the brands they love the most.

In a world where digital transformation is necessary - modern tech stacks are popping up on top of and alongside legacy technology, all while competitive, agile start-ups grow and catch up in the blink of an eye - it is essential to create a modern customer-centric organization across the business. CX isn’t just another thing enterprises need to do. The customer must become central to your organization. It’s the clear path to competing with start-ups and global enterprises alike. Yes, even with homegrown, legacy tech and modern technology operating together.

Orchestrating engaging customer experiences puts your existing tech stack to work, creating measurable value across your business. Everyone is trying to do it, here are 3 essential ways to stay ahead of the competition:

Take CX Seriously Across the Organization - it’s not just another buzzword.  

Modern CX orgs are successful because the business has become customer centric, not just a department. CX is not just a buzzword that’s gaining value in marketing or customer success or IT, it is an organizational shift that impacts the bottom line. Many companies struggle to make a true shift to CX because it isn’t a shared initiative across the board. Teams are often siloed and measured on different success factors, not company goals and there’s limited visibility into siloed data and technology.

Gartner expects 81% of companies to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience by 2020, vs 36% in 2011.* The leaders will be those companies who are embracing CX as a company-wide competitive advantage today.

Don’t get stuck journey mapping. Your competitors are taking action.

Now, that doesn’t mean don’t go through journey mapping exercises. Journey mapping is a great way to visualize the experiences your organization wants to create for your customers as it relates to the goals of the company. However, journey mapping is often the first step of any enterprise CX initiative - and often where even the best and brightest get stuck. Customer journey maps (or CJMs) can often take months to complete, which also means, in an ever changing consumer climate, they rapidly become out of date. More often, they just become charts to point to, that are never taken further than the exercise itself.

Keep your journeys focused on a goal. It is impossible to anticipate every possible outcome or potential step a customer could take, and as your orchestrate and operationalize the customer journeys they will grow and become both actionable and measurable quickly.

Pick clear goals. Stick to them. Then scale.

In the same way you don’t want to get stuck planning, you don’t want to over rotate the other way. Implementing too many or overly complex customer journeys out of the gate can be just as damaging to your competitive advantage as mapping a journey, sticking it on your wall and never looking at it again.

Enterprises that are successful in scaling a modern CX organization implement journeys that span technologies, business functions and business goals. The most successful enterprises select clear journeys that solve for concise business initiatives and measurable goals. This often means picking one or two key journeys, implementing, improving and measuring and then expanding as you start to see what works - and what might surprise you as systems and teams work together to achieve a true, modern CX enterprise.  

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Marketa Williams
Marketa Williams

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